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Why is this called the Nest? A nest symbolizes warmth, caring, security, togetherness, and support. 

The Cardinal Nest at Middleton High School provides students with items they need to focus, learn, and thrive. We want students to feel secure, safe, and cared for by the community. 

Many MHS students struggle with access to food, hygiene items & clothing. If we can provide students with what they need to be happy and healthy, we are helping them as individuals while also creating a more supportive learning environment.

Please help us stock our shelves & achieve our goals. We want all MHS students to have what they need to be successful.

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The MCPASD Education Foundation supports the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District’s efforts to improve student achievement across all demographic groups by focusing on equitable practices – the heart of an inclusive, innovative, and inspiring learning community. We award staff grants and student scholarships annually, and fund programs and activities aligned with the district’s priorities each school year. We are a nonprofit 501c3 organization, founded in 2011.

Our Partners

The Cardinal Nest at the Middleton High School Campus is proud to partner with the MHS Principal, Peg Shoemaker, the MHS Social Workers, District Leaders, and the MCPASD Education Foundation to create an impactful and sustainable program to support students.


Middleton High School was established in 1879. There have been many changes since that time, but the belief in students' abilities to excel has not changed. Students will be challenged with opportunities to achieve in academics, athletics, and activities. MHS teachers, support staff, and principals support students in these endeavors and assist them in becoming self-sufficient and independent learners.


The mission of the Cardinal Nest is to provide students with access to free products and educational opportunities designed to meet students' needs so they can be ready to learn, effectively participate in class, be prepared for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, and have a greater chance of success.



Every child should have access to basic needs to focus on their education. Items such as food, personal hygiene, clothing, and school supplies are essential items that we provide to students so they are ready to learn and thrive as individuals and members of our community. 

The Cardinal Nest is a private, safe, and confidential place. It's neat, organized, and welcoming.

Our Middleton & Cross Plains communities care deeply about the success and wellbeing of MHS students. We are very grateful. 

Together we can accomplish great things!

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