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Overview & Purpose of the Cardinal Nest


The Cardinal Nest helps students facing food insecurity & challenges getting essential items. It is crucial that all students respect the mission of the Nest to help provide for students in need. 


Please remember to only “Take what you need” and not “Take because it’s free.”


Thank you for your help!


Steps to order online at


Step 1

  • Visit

  • Go to “Order Online.

Step 2

  • After receiving your email notification, please go to your Student Service Center to get your order.

  • The bags will be stapled shut and labeled with your email address.




  • Please limit your orders to once per week. 

Ordering online



What are the benefits of ordering from the online shop?

  • It’s convenient, efficient, and private.

  • You don’t need to take time out of your day to get to the Nest during its open hours.

  • You can have time to thoughtfully get what you need since you can order when it’s convenient for you.

  • You don’t need to ask a staff member to take you to the Nest.

  • You can “shop” privately.

  • You will not enter your name during the order process so orders are confidential. 


How often can I order?

  • Once a week. 


How many items can I choose for each order?

  • Orders are limited to 15 food items, 3 personal hygiene items per week,  2 home items, and 2 school supplies.


Can I pick up my bag when school ends so I don’t have to carry it all day?

  • Yes! Please make sure to pick up your bag before the Student Service Centers close at the end of the day. 


What if I forgot to order an item that I need? 

  • Please email,  and we’ll see what we can do to help! Please remember to use your Order ID and not your name when communicating via this email address. 

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